Our new back deck

The next story of our restoration involves the previously concreted outdoor area.

One of our first priorities after taking ownership of the property was considering options for the rear area of the hotel leading to the guest carpark. We needed to find a suitable solution for the uneven concreted area at the back entrance of the hotel. This area was previously unsafe for guests to navigate.  The existing ramp was only suited to the transportation of beer kegs and this, along with the old damaged steps and handrail, made the area even more unsafe.

The relocation of the large LPG bottle was also factored in to allow for safe gas delivery.  Gavin proposed the construction of a new hardwood deck. This would allow for the installation of a new mobility friendly ramp leading from the guest car park.  Also, by raising the deck to the same height as the rear door treads, it allowed for easier wheelchair access compared to the high steps into both of the hotel’s entrances.



Gavin quickly enlisted the help of his trusted ‘chippy’ mates from Franklin. Over several weeks, the deck started to take shape. This eye-catching feature at the rear of the hotel has quickly become a favourite of guests.

The deck now provides an entertaining area for our in-house guests and in the near future will allow for hosting local community functions and events. This helps our aim for the hotel in allowing us to welcome the public into a beautiful outdoor venue.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Exchange Team