A Middle Eastern Feast!

On Friday the 4th of August we were lucky enough to host a wonderful middle eastern feast paired with wines from Cabbage Tree Hill Wines. The night was a wonderful showcase of wines, food and history. Having caringly restored this building for close to 2 years it feels amazing to once again open this building to the buzz of people eating, drinking and enjoying.

The food was all prepared by Marciel who crafted an authentic middle eastern feast for all of our guests to enjoy. This included the following:


Homemade Hummus and Eggplant Dip w/ breads, pickles and feta


Lentil Soup w/ kofta, haloumi and sautéed red onion


Slow Cooked Lamb, Dolma and Upside Down rice w/ salad and tabouli



This is hopefully just the first of many special events we have the pleasure of hosting so keep an eye out on our social media pages! In the meantime we are looking forward to opening our lounge bar to the public in the coming weeks.

We hope to see you soon,

The Exchange Team